Rita Hayworth in a publicity shot for You’ll Never Get Rich, 1941

Rita Hayworth in a publicity shot for You’ll Never Get Rich, 1941

Arijit Singh Sawan Aaya Hai
Arijit Singh
Sawan Aaya Hai


Sawan Aaya Hai: Arijit Singh

Favorite Characters - Shannon Mullins
"I’ll shut the door on you. Will you lay down here, put your head in the door? And I’ll slam it about a hundred and fifty-seven thousand fucking times."

I wonder if there will ever come a time when I can re-watch old Rangrasiya episodes without sobbing uncontrollably…

My little heart is bursting from all the cuteness! Thanks so much! :)

You’re welcome! Thanks for requesting! 

Rangrasiya - July 31, 2014

Oh snap. So Shatabdi finally got Sumer away from Mohini?! Well that’s cool…

Hey! I know this little girlllll!!!!!!!! But from where?! Crap, this is gonna bug me for ever!

OH MY GOD. They’re doing the rose bush thing like on ZGH! Rudra talking about Paro is just too much for me… It’s too damn soon! My wounds are still fresh!

They put her flowers next to her picture on his birthday?! Shit. I just spontaneously combusted into tears again… THIS IS SO FREAKING SAD!!!!!!

Dude. Dhruv is so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

And Rudra is a million times sexier as a dad! Ufffffff!!!!!!

Maaf kar de na Paro… I seriously want to scream everytime Rudra talks to Paro’s portrait. I’m so damn heartbroken! This is so unfair!!!!!!!!


Holy Hell. Rudra looks so damn sexy in the new montageeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Now if they would just cute Myrah out, and stick Dhruv in everything would be perfect!

I’m so not ready for this… I honestly don’t think I can handle Myrah.

Alright, so they’re trying to highlight the differences between Paro and this fool. Well that’s good I guess…

Shaadi?! That’s why she’s here? Oh god. So now she’s gonna fall for Rudra and spoil the wedding and ayayayay. This is just. Chiiiiiii.

Aahahaahahahahaha. I love Shatabdi’s rivalry with Mohini. Even when she’s not trying to spoil things, she gets her way. Yeahuhhhhhh. I’m so glad Mohini’s life is a mess.

DHRUV IS SO CUTE! I just wanna squish those chubby little cheeks of his!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good god that precap. What the hell are these asshole writers trying to do?! Apparently I’m just going to be sobbing for the rest of this freaking show! UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH.

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