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palkein: its ankhi :P

Awwww! CUUUUTTTTEEEE! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Do Anshuman & Pakhi have a ship name?!

YES! It’s AnKhi (Anshuman & Pakhi)


Oooooooh! I love it! Thanks!!!! :D 


Do Anshuman & Pakhi have a ship name?!

Rangrasiya - April 18, 2014

18. April 2014

As if Mohini is going to let them leave that easily…

I swear Mohini’s going to be the next person to punch Sumer in the face. Lolz

Crap crap crap! Come on, Rudra. Calm your freaking nuts bro! UGGGGHHHHH

I seriously love when Paro stands up to Rudra. She’s such a badass now!

And one more point for Mohini. Great.

Gaaahhhh. Rudra is such a bloody idiot!!!!!!! This fool seriously needs some anger management therapy. -__-

What a speech yaar! PARVATI FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!

If Rudra isn’t nice to Paro after all this, there’s just no hope for him…

Yeh maare pyaar ne kar vaya… Haayyyyeeee. My feeeeeelllllllssssss!!!!!!

Rudra is totally falling in love just listening to her talk. Eeeeeekkkkkkssss!

Another new montage?! Whoa! I don’t really like it though…

Bahahahaha. Mohini is going to have a heart attack!

Omg. When Paro compares Rudra to Shiv Ji….

I think Rudra has blacked out. He’s just standing there like…

I kinda have a feeling that Damayanthi will be the one to help Paro get rid of Mohini…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Please, gana mat ga na Rudra

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The cuteness! The feels! I’m dyinggggg!

Holy crap. Look at the way he looks at her! Oh my god. My heart. Ayyyyyyyy!!!!

Once again, the music directors are on point.

Babhiiiii. Awwwww Aman is such a freaking cutie bear!

Hahahahaha the way Paro says Baal. Lololol.

RUDRAAAA. STAHP IT! Idiot idiot IDIOT! Take her with you!!!!!!!

Ohhhhhh. That precap though… He’s about to rip Mohini a new one! Muahahahaha!

Guess who’s all caught up with Tumhari Paakhi!!!!!!!! WAAAAHOOOOO!!!!!!! I’m so glad I decided to start watching this show!